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About Me

Hadrian's Profile

A full stack web developer with a passion for quality, scalable code and inspiring user experiences, based in Edinburgh. I specialise in React and Node.js, but I have a lifelong love of technology, and thrive in environments with plenty of opportunities to learn.

I have experience working on a diverse variety of projects, and have built end-to-end solutions for clients such as The Co-operative, SailGP and Lexus.

My Skills

  • React


    React is my framework of choice for building fast, native app-like interfaces. I'm experienced with Hooks and the Context API, as well as Redux, and I'm comfortable working with functional as well as class components.

  • TypeScript


    Being a fan of type-safe functional languages like Haskell, I appreciate what TypeScript adds to JavaScript's toolset. When developing more complex web apps, I always opt to use TypeScript over vanilla JavaScript to reduce runtime errors and code with more confidence.

  • Node.js


    From writing simple scripts to building micro-services and proxies, to fully fledged web servers, I've had a lot of experience working with Node.js, as well as Express. I find being able to work with JavaScript on the front and back end improves my ability to jump between the two to design full stack solutions.

  • ES6
  • Webpack
  • Redux
  • Jest
  • Express
  • TDD
  • Canvas
  • Swift
  • Contentful
  • Koa
  • PWA
  • Web Workers
  • Sass
  • CSS Grid

My Experience

More to come...



In 2019, I worked with a group of talented developers and designers at AmazeRealise to build the SailGP website. The site was built with React and Node.js, using the Contentful CMS.

This project presented various unique challenges, as the site needed to accomodate streaming live events as well as being constantly updated with new information about live races. The modern design of the site allowed me to make use of newer technologies such as CSS Grid, however it was important to convey the unusual design without compromising on performance and accessibility.

Screenshot of SailGP